Established in 1990, GES Alarms is a family run business with a wealth of experience. A NACOSS/NSI Gold company, we provide a high standard of security system installation and maintenance. We are dedicated to offering our customers the latest advancements and technologies in home alarm systems. From wireless to smart alarms you can ensure that we are offering you the latest products fresh to the market.
We offer a professional and caring service. Our surveyors offer a FREE onsite visit and will leave you with a plan for a cost effective security system to suit your requirements. To find out more or to arrange your FREE site visit please freephone 01727 827099 or email

Intruder alarms

GES Alarms deploys state-of-the art technology to provide answers to a diverse range of security problems in both residential and commercial situations. Every property is different so we offer a bespoke solution for our customers. Our system designers will perform a FREE on site survey of your property to design a system that fits your requirements. In today’s society security systems for both residential and commercial properties are paramount. An intruder alarm is a worthwhile and cost effective investment, giving you peace of mind when your property is vacant.
We offer three types of intruder alarm systems.right-white-arrow
Take-over of existing systems If you not satisfied with your existing intruder alarm company we can guarantee you a better, personal service. If you have a monitored system and lost your police response, we can offer you options to regain the response.


This is the most commonly installed intruder alarm system where all component parts are connected by wires. This system is ideal for commercial or older type properties where cables can be concealed under floorboards and carpets.


Wire-free alarms are the most popular choice with residential properties that have been freshly decorated. This installation can be quick with no mess.

Hybrid Alarms

These are a mixture of both hardwired and wire-free alarm systems, ideal for expanding an existing alarm system or extending to outbuildings in the vicinity.
smart systems

Smart Systems

A home solution which communicates with a secure app on your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.

Alarm Monitoring

Only professionally installed and maintained alarm systems can be connected to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). This means that signals sent to ARC from your alarm panel will be dealt with in the manner you have requested, whether it is an intruder alarm, fire alarm, CCTV or panic alarm. On holiday or at work you will know that any signals sent from your system will not be ignored and appropriate action will be taken. The following types of monitoring are available depending on the level of risk at your premises and your budget. We offer 4 levels of service. right-black-arrow

DIGI Dialer

This is connected to a phone line which can have police response via Southern Monitoring Station or Personal Texting (which will show on your phone bill).

Gsm dialer

This will give a personal recorded message or a text, no police response and no phone line needed. Sim to be provided and maintained by customer.

digi air

This is the most popular as it needs no phone line and a sim is provided. Which will give police response via Southern Monitoring Station.

Dual com

This requires phone line and uses both GSM and pstn transmit signals for police response via Southern Monitoring Station. Meaning if one isn't working the other will still transmit the signal.


CCTV is increasingly an important factor when you are considering the level of your security needs. GES Alarms supply and install a large and comprehensive range of cameras and CCTV systems, ranging from a simple single camera system, to multi-site systems with many cameras. Our surveyors will design a system to meet your requirements and budget. Our surveys are free of charge. Our camera systems can record images constantly to hard drives in the Digital Video recorder (DVR) with fast image search and retrieval and instant playback, meaning that you will always be protected and able to find the footage that you need quickly and easily.


There are many types of door access systems but all have the same function and that is to restrict entry through a door. This may be an external door to stop persons from entering the premises or to allow staff entry through certain internal doors but not others, within the premises. A door access control solution can be specified as a stand alone unit controlling a single door. This system will consist of:
  • Control Panel
  • Door Release
  • Swipe, proximity card or token reader
  • Push to exit button
  • Emergency break glass
A fully integrated system is similar in construction but can be networked to a computer. A full management software package allows you to print out various records of usage also allowing you to delete, add or alter the levels of security for existing personnel.

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